Public Water Fountains in and Around Berkley, Ca

The 1st US city to implement a tax on sugary drinks was Berkley, California in February 2014. By taxing sugary drinks, the city hopes to encourage more people to go with healthier choices, such as water. Attempts were made to find out the state of neighborhood drinking water fountains in both high- and low-income neighborhoods. By creating a mobile GPS application, researchers were able to get data on Berkley’s drinking water fountains. brk-303-2__92712.jpg Specialists then used US Census data to find out more about the economic and racial factors that affected the city. Comparisons were made amongst the location and demographic data, exposing whether class differences affected access to clean, working water fountains. Each water fountain and the demographics of its bordering area were analyzed to reveal whether the location of the fountains or their level of maintenance revealed any relationship to income, race, or other points. The fact that the fountains were operating was not a guarantee that they were well-maintained, considering quite a few were in need of cleaning and repair.

Ancient Outdoor Water Feature Artists

Water feature designers were multi-talented people from the 16th to the late 18th century, often serving as architects, sculptors, artists, engineers and highly educated scholars all in one. During the Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci illustrated the artist as an imaginative genius, inventor and scientific expert. He systematically noted his ideas in his currently recognized notebooks, after his tremendous fascination in the forces of nature led him to research the characteristics and mobility of water. Brilliant water exhibits packed of symbolic meaning and natural grace changed private villa settings when early Italian water fountain creators coupled creativity with hydraulic and gardening abilities. Known for his incredible skill in archeology, architecture and garden design, Pirro Ligorio, the humanist, delivered the vision behind the wonders in Tivoli. Well versed in humanist subject areas and classic technical readings, other water fountain designers were masterminding the extraordinary water marbles, water features and water jokes for the numerous properties around Florence.

The Favorable Effects of Water Features on Your Cherished Pets and Flying Visitors

Anyone who has bird feeders knows that outdoor water features bring in wildlife. All birds need somewhere to drink, bathe and preen. There are some birds, like robins, thrushes, orioles, or warblers, which are not attracted to bird feeders, but are drawn to fountains because of the moving water. While bowl-shaped bird baths can be unexciting to many birds, fountains are more enticing because of the moving water they produce. Birds hear the trickling and splashing and are even more likely to come visit.

Dogs are drawn to fountains mainly because they provide drinking water. During hot months of summer, cats and dogs will be outdoors for the absolute freshest water around. Fountains generally require little cleaning due to their constantly streaming water, whereas birdbaths need to be regularly maintained because they easily collect debris.

The Distribution of Water Fountain Engineering Knowledge in Europe

Throughout Europe, the principal means of spreading practical hydraulic facts and fountain design ideas were the published pamphlets and illustrated books of the day, which added to the development of scientific development. An un-named French water feature developer was an internationally celebrated hydraulic leader in the late 1500's. By creating landscapes and grottoes with incorporated and clever water features, he began his career in Italy by getting imperial commissions in Brussels, London and Germany. “The Principles of Moving Forces”, a guide that became the fundamental text on hydraulic technology and engineering, was composed by him towards the end of his life in France. Classical antiquity hydraulic advancements were elaborated as well as changes to crucial classical antiquity hydraulic breakthroughs in the book. As a mechanical way to shift water, Archimedes devised the water screw, fundamental among key hydraulic innovations. Sunlight heated up the liquid in two concealed containers adjoining to the ornamental water feature were displayed in an illustration. The end result: the water fountain is activated by the hot water expanding and ascending up the pipelines. The book furthermore mentions garden ponds, water wheels, water feature creations.

Recommendations for Putting in an Outdoor Water Fountain

A lot of people overlook the need for an electrical socket or water source close by when considering where to position their garden fountain. The practical side of setting one up is often disregarded because people get so focused on the wonder of it. If you require an extension cord to reach a 120v wall socket, feel free to use one, as typical power cords are only 12 feet long. It will be necessary to fill your fountain with water so make sure there is a source of water close by. Carrying water is hard and laborious. A nearby hose can make filling the fountain a great deal less demanding. The ideal setup is with a water fountain autofill, but this has to be attached to an external water line and requires a professional to install it.

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