The Famous Revelation Water Fountain at Chatsworth

Designed by popular English sculptor Angela Conner, "Revelation" is the newest addition to the Chatsworth ornamental exterior water features. She was commissioned by the deceased 11th Duke of Devonshire to produce a limited edition bust of Queen Elizabeth, in 2004/5 in commemoration of the Queen’s 80th birthday celebration. In 1999 Revelation was mounted in Jack Pond, one of Chatsworth’s earliest ponds. Taking the shape of four large flower petals which open and close with the circulation of water, the metallic water fountain alternately conceals and displays a gold colored globe at the heart of the sculpture. 53265ct__51863.jpg A steel globe finished with gold dust was integrated into the sculpture, which rests five meters in height and five meters wide. This newest water feature is an exciting and interesting improvement to the Gardens of Chatsworth, because the movement of flower petals is totally operated by water.

Use a Wall fountain To Help Improve Air Quality

You can liven up your environment by setting up an indoor wall fountain. Installing this type of indoor feature positively affects your senses and your general well-being. If you doubt the benefits of water fountains, just look at the research supporting this theory. Water features in general produce negative ions which are then balanced out by the positive ions produced by contemporary conveniences. Indisputable positive improvements in mental and physical health occur when negative ions overpower positive ions. The higher serotonin levels resulting from these types of features make people more aware, serene and energized. Indoor wall fountains {generate negative ions which serve to elevate your mood and remove air pollutants. They also help to eliminate allergies, contaminants as well as other types of irritants. Finally, these fountains absorb dust particles and micro-organisms in the air thereby affecting your general well-being for the better.

Santa Maria in Cosmedin: A Roman Fountain Worth Experiencing

Archaeologists and restorers alike have stumbled upon a wealth of pagan and Christian relics on the site of Santa Maria in Cosmedin in Rome.

The Bocca della Verità (Mouth of Truth} is a famed marble sculpture found in the portico of the nearby basilica. The situation of the Santa Maria in Cosmedin fountain (1719) was not in a well-known neighborhood and was, therefore, not frequently visited. Since the nearby area was depressing and mostly uninhabited, visitors were not particularly interested in visiting it. It was a this time that Pope Clement XI commissioned the Italian architect Carlo Bizzaccheri to put up a water fountain to renovate the square outside the church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin. Work on the church's infrastructure began on on August 11, 1717. Medallions bearing the images of the Blessed Virgin, for whom the church is named, and of St. John the Baptist, the patron saint of water, were thrown in the foundation following the consecration of the first stone.

Improve Your Enterprise with a Fountain

Most people who visit a business love to see water fountain. The entrance to your business or store is a great spot to place a water fountain as will increase traffic flow as well as differentiate you from others. Such businesses as yoga studios, bookstores, coffee shops, and salons can financially profit from placing a water feature nearby. For businesses where people like to hang out outdoors, a water fountain can provide a chilled environment. A water fountain in a bar or restaurant can be a good way to attract lovers on a date.

How to Create the Perfect Haven Inside or Out

One good way to create a peaceful and relaxing area is to set up a feng shui fountain. Putting in a garden or home waterfall is an easy means to make this happen. It is a fantastic complement to the decoration of any home. So that you can see your outdoor fountain from inside the house as well, select a good spot for it.

The most gorgeous water fountains have flowers and plants. The best idea is to add some plants which be lovely no matter what the weather is outside. Attractive stones, statues, or a fireplace are also nice additions.

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